Keara was 7 years young and needed foot surgery on her right foot. She was not only flat footed, her bone was separated in her foot.

The first surgery consisted of a  titanium screw to hold that particular bone together. This was also going to help Keara walk without tripping over her own two feet. The doctor told us after she was healed 10 weeks and physical therapy, she was getting her left foot done.

Our Journey took off different than we expected.

We were devastated as Keara,  had fevers the day after surgery. Something was not right and we took her  back in. The doctor wanted to wait to see if her body would accept the foreign titanium screw. After ten long weeks of her suffering in pain, high fevers, and  not being able to move off the couch. Keara, was not mobile.

10 weeks to the date, another surgery to remove the titanium screw. This was the hardest on Keara,  as she was in severe pain, but most of all her muscles were so weak, she could not even lift or move her foot or leg.

It took over 3 months of much therapy in our bath tub and her physical therapist coming to our home 3 times a week to work with Keara.

Christmas was a few days away and Keara hopped and crawled to open her gifts.  Even though this was so devastating for her, she smiled and said to us daily. I am fine mama and daddy.

Needless to say because of her immune deficiency, she could not go fourth that way. We started another journey at Boston Children's with orthotics.

We are so very proud as we taught Keara, it's not about winning. Life is about being happy and enjoying what you are doing from your heart.

Keara was in a completion in September of 2016 and won 1st place. Her heart was filled with more joy being around others than competing.

Keara started receiving IVIG infusions when she was four years young.

Our journey first started at Children's Boston Hospital for 4 years every 6 weeks, then every 5 weeks, 4 weeks, and consistent every three weeks.

Keara now receives these treatments right in our home  with many special ivig nurses. 

Looking at our child, you would never think she had Neurofibromatosis.  Being parents of a child with NF1, we definitely learned that each day is a gift. Our motto: if your feet hit the floor, "Today is a good day". 

Our strive, strength, and will has been learned from our little girl. There is never a dull moment in our home. We never no from one day to the next, but we do know that a cure needs to be found. Getting the awareness around our world,  is the most important goal we strive on. 

Please read about Neurofibromatosis at the most credible web pages. This is how we pay life forward with awareness.​

We strive,  will never give up, and will NEVER LET GO!!!

                  Keara's Journey               Living With Neurofibromatosis

My learning environment mama and daddy did for me. When my teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist, mental therapist, nutritionist, and  nurse who come in and out of our doors 5 days a week.

They all surround me with happiness, love, and the best learning environment possible, learning at home. Special thank you to the Barron Elementary School district for making this all possible.

I also skype with my class mates so we can not only see each other, the environment of learning with my peers. My teacher and Tutor rock!!! 

Our dog Angel, is an angel. She helps Keara get through every IVIG and never leaving her side. When the nurse needs to do stats, Angel, makes sure she is heard.

What a love button to us all <3

This page is still under construction. Please visit back for more updates. 

Keara (KJ), you are beautiful inside and out. A warrior child that shows us everyday just how important it is to be in the moment.

We love you to the moon and back and beyond our child. You are the most free spirited child that is loved by so many.


Mama & Daddy <3 <3

Keara had her first EEG at our home for 72 hours.

Keara was having seizures. Her brother Kevin (Keva) and sister-in-law Carla helped her through this journey with fun ribbons and many laughs. Many others sent beautiful gifts and loving thoughts. 

Iron Stone Farm ,  Andover, MA. has been a huge success with Keara. This  was helping her Gross motor, ways of thinking,  and her over all outlook on life.  

We have to thank her pediatrician  for reaching out to Iron Stone,  and finding a happy place within Keara's heart. Her passion is unexplainable when it comes to horses.

​​​​Neurofibromatosis can be very debilitating. As parents, we walk a journey that leads us to an unknown path daily.  Like many others who endure this horrific disorder. 

  Cafe Alate' spots started at 3 months young. We took Keara,  right in to her pediatrician.  The doctor did an exam and told us Keara has Neurofibromatosis  and is referring us to Children's Hospital.

What? What is neurofibromatosis? Is this a disease or disorder? Does it go away?   Is there treatment?

We were beside our selves as we never heard of this and  needed to familiarize ourselves with as much information as possible.

 For nine months it was traumatizing for all of our family, including our other three children.

When Keara, was one year old and  her neurologist did a full diagnosis telling us Keara, has neurofibromatosis 1. She referred us immediately  to one amazing eye doctor. Keara, was diagnosed with optic nerve glioma.  (Non cancerous) These types of tumors can become malignant in the central and peripheral nervous system.

This has not grown (we are so grateful) . Keara is checked every 6 months and has visual fields,  to keep a close watch.

When Keara was 4 years young, she under went an MRI of the brain and spine.

Keara has 14 brain tumors and 12 cervical spine tumors, as well as a 5 cm tumor on the sciatica nerve.

Many other in and on the body.

Every year, an MRI is done to monitor for any growth.

In May of 2017, Keara, goes in for her yearly check up with her neurologist . 

There is two very stressful endurance to wait for.  Keara waking up from anesthesia and waiting for the outcome.

Between Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital , Keara sees 15 doctors. 

We need to find the unknown cure. 


KJ's Journey living with Neurofibromatosis disorder and immune disorder

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This picture holds a special place in our hearts. This is the day we found a café Alate' spot and thought it was a birth mark.