Please check out Purehaven Essentials. 

You can contact: Shirley Smith, Executive Team Leader

Or check out her web page

                     Soul to Soul

Big Thank you Coca Cola for making our signs and donating water.

Peters Farm

Bellavance Beverage Company

So very happy to be welcomed back into our community by Joe Farro!

Our event is being held at 

The Tuscan Kitchen

67 Main Street

Salem, NH 03079

Kelly Dusharm,  is an amazing DJ that has been with K's Ride since July 2011. One amazing Dj that has much inspiration for our little girl and event !!!

Coffee Coffee 

326 South Broadway

Salem, NH 03079



Thank you very much for your generous donation of different foods at our event.

Lisa & Heather, Thank you for handpainting nail ribbons !!! Amazing awareness with many colors....

Thank you Ashley & Brian Cavanaugh

for joining K's Ride. The ribbon earrings and necklaces for NF with either blue or green were perfect for NF awareness. Thank you for helping us to get the awareness out there.  Plus many other pieces you hand make.


Coca Cola

Carriage Shack Farms

George Williams

The George William Band and many other bands that have a huge inpiration playing at K's Ride. George and his band members stepped fourth since we lost our dearest friend that put all our bands together. Thank you George Williams Band and members

Contact Us


​​Fun Bounce Inc, Derry, NH.  

Email :

Phone: 216-5867

Fun Bounce, Inc.

Nail Designs by Lisa

Toy Store Auto Sales has been a huge inspiration for K's Ride. Amazing awareness with donating a vehicle. 

J & B Butcher

Thank you for donating to our event for a great cause. Please click and visit

TD Bank is one amazing bank that stepped fourth and joined K's ride in 2014

Your best banking @

​​​​​​​​​Photos 2011-2017


Custom Bike Paint

Truck Lettering

Air Brushing

Logo Design

Singage & More

Check out this web page and look at the beautiful designs

603-437-8326 Auburn, NH


Thank you Peters Farm for your amazing donation of corn.

Thank you for helping us get the awareness out there with making posters,  flyers, and raffle items for our event !!!!

Thank you for being a huge part of K's Ride for the last 4 years. We are so pleased that the Carriage Shack is coming back to K's Ride for 2016. 

Annie Rae's Photography by: Raeann Pellerin

Amazing photographs that are life long within our hearts & memories. Raeann took this picture of Keara in our home. Thank you for joining K's RIde !!!

Toy Store Auto Sales

67 South Broadway

Salem, NH 03079

(603) 893-2253

Intuitive Reader, Healer & Medium


Thank you for sponsoring Our event every year!!!! Coffee, Donuts, & Muffins are amazing. 

Boston Fruit & Produce

Toy Store Auto Sales​